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a normal subject transformed into a heaping pile of sodomy and hairproducts.
Neal has been faggotized
by Guy le douche May 27, 2005
To be filled with a faggotism, Being an extreme faggot.
Guy- "Man, I think that guy was staring at you."

Guy-"Man, do I look faggotized to you?"
by Kali Carmelo October 23, 2008
To make "Faggy"; To Nerf something to the point of uselessness or weakness; To turn something manly into something feminine; To take all the toughness out of a sport, game or entertainment.
The PAX network FAGGOTIZED the horror-movie by taking out all the gore, sex and curses.
The wives FAGGOTIZED the football game when they made us play with them and the little kids, none of whom could play on our level.
by Sandy-Bo-Jyna August 10, 2013
to be a faggot! something that is homosexual!
The homework assignment is faggotized!
by trip-a June 08, 2007
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