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(noun) a person who is in training to become a full fledged faggot; a fag underling.
Person #1 "Are you gay?"
Faggoteer: "Not yet. I am still a faggoteer. But I can't wait to be gay."
by Jorge April 06, 2003
83 33
Volunteer to be a faggot. Also reffered to as male bisexual.
"Yo. You can tell who's a faggoteer by the way they walk."
by Dave Herne May 24, 2008
12 3
a pioneer of being a faggot in a group
Hey dude, stop being a faggoteer
by Ill Peerson January 28, 2010
4 1
one who has sex with gay people.
Go to hell, you fucking faggoteer.
by bread infection December 05, 2009
3 6
Someone who will advertise their homosexuality with flying colors constantly, but will not admit to said orientation when questioned by judgment authoritys.
Ian likes to pose for the camera, wear makeup, hug guys for attention, and dance around you in a festive mannor.

Concerned citizen: stop prancing around, your glitter is getting in my eyes

Ian: whatev sister

- Ian is a faggoteer
by Butkus November 28, 2006
7 11
Noun; Person that engages in faggoteering. A faggoteer by default is "out of the closet," but is more homofabulous than the generic "fag."
Steve is such a faggoteer, but my goodness he's fabulous!
by Josh and Mary May 24, 2006
7 12
One who is excesively gay or lesbo. A cracker like Mister Mike Jackson. Person who likes kissing overly much.
Well, well, well. If it ain't the three faggoteers. Lets all give a group kiss.
by Happy Homie October 19, 2004
5 17