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A mega fag. Not necessarily gay, but someone who is just being a total idiot.
God, he is such a fagger when he gets drunk!
by Mark H December 04, 2003
a follower of matthew lush that seeks to spread peace and love towards the gay community :]
for example : a myspace name "lauren FAGGER"
by lauren [FTH] yeaya! November 13, 2007
A person who has gone beyond the norm in idiocy. Truly a force to be reckoned with. A fagger may have tendencies including (but not limited to):

Jacking off in class
Making fun of special ed kids
Telling people that they aren't a certain clique but really are
Talking in a fake accent
Telling cool people that they are terrible
Doing all they can to get high
Andre asked those kids with allergies if he could have their benadryl so he could get high. What a fucking fagger.
by Easterrbuny February 18, 2011
A combination of fag and swagger. It is when some fag thinks he has swagger, but he really doesn't.
Dude, look! The kid in white skinny jeans has fagger!
by Guyliner_Babeh February 25, 2010
a faggot and a nigger mixed into one
-dude he's such a niggot!!
-what does that even mean he's a fagger clEARLY
by jimin o donal October 18, 2011
1. A guy who isn´t gay, but should be and you want to kick his ass because he´s a little bitch.

2. Also be used as a term of endearment when a guy does something sweet and feminine.
1. What a fagger, he hits his chick when all her friends leave, but dosen´t say shit when they are around.

2. He bought me flowers today and wrote me a really sweet letter, what a fagger!
by Nicole&Gisel October 25, 2008
An ingenious word created by two amazing people in william paca middle school,it is meant to describe either someone who is more of a fag than you or someone who used to be a fag but is not anymore,but still acts pretty Faggish,hence Fa-Gger
Oh my god kenny is such a Fa-Gger
by Anti-Fa-Gger July 17, 2010
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