An alien in Natural Selection with the ability to slash with it's claws, use some form of energy to quickly lurch in a direction, even in midair! It can speed up it's metabolism, healing injuries, and can also fire out sacs containing gastric acid within.
Fucking Fade keeps owning us!
by Macman March 25, 2005
A fight that you can easily beat, its nothing.
"You want the fade?", " I'll fade that fool"
by flymomy May 15, 2008
a term used to indicate that no more talkin is needed ands its time to fight
person A: a yo, you bitch ass nigga! I aint paying you shit!
Person B: o you not!!
Person A: Hell fuck naw!
Person B: aight fade!!
by jonjon71689 April 01, 2008
Fight; hair cut; violence.
Also a way to confuse people when they don't know what you are talking about.
Kid #1: I want your fade man.
Kid #2: What does that mean? Do you want my hair cut?
Kid #1: No man. I want to fight you.
Kid #2: So you just said to me you want my fight?
by hey-soos November 30, 2006
(from the Latin "fatidus", meaning to blend) In a complicated relationship, one finds it amongst themselves to cut off all communication, recognition in public, etc., for unknown reasons. (When a woman applies this action, she is considered a bitch, whilst a man is seen as a God among mortals.)
Pat: That cunt is pulling a fade.

Andy: Pull the fade right back. (recommended response)
by CowboyColin September 20, 2006
Derived from a musical term (esp. DJ usage) in which music volume is decreased.

A negative term used to describe something that is decreased or in any other way someone attempting to gid rid/remove something/someone.
You can't fade me.
by ip adotta November 30, 2003
1. Fade (noun)

A word, usually said towards girls, reffering to someone who is easily forgotten.

2. Fade (noun)

A forty year old man who likes Justin Bieber.

Alejandro: I have seen that girl before...or not?
Noah: She's a total Fade, man.


Mr. Ugly: Hey, wife! I just got this new Justin Bieber CD!
Mrs. Ugly: Cool!
Random Guy: What a bunch of Fades...
by Alejandro<3 August 17, 2010
For a person to have him/her ass handed to them personally, or the process of having your ass handed to you.
Dang, man he just faded her!

That's a fade!
by Jlicious October 06, 2009

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