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1)A fact that may or may not be true, but is trivial in nature. The source of the factoid has questionable authenticity.

2) A verified fact in a compact sentance.
1) 76% of all facts are wrong

2) Bush is a moron
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
23 15
a not-entirely-true or documentable "fact" that can be used alone or used to embellish a story;

see Anneism
During the Anneism spouted by Gertrude, the factoids were flying fast and furious.
by Shmouse May 19, 2005
60 16
a presumed fact(based on other words with the suffix -oid)
He insisted on using factoids for his report instead of relying on known facts.
by Light Joker October 26, 2004
7 6
A fact so awesome that it have to be true and used to embellish a story.
Checking for authenticity is not required.
"Somebody told me that Peter's mom and Alice had an affair." is simple-but-efficient factoid.
by twippio April 25, 2010
4 4
an alternative way of expressing the somewhat offensive term fucktard in polite company
"hey! factoid! put down my sandwich!"
by clither December 19, 2004
5 40