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Quick Time(r) Event. found in SEGA dreamcast game shenmue and "shenmue II"

buttons (A, B, X, Y, up, down, left, right) are displayed on screen and you have to press them really quickly before the time runs out, otherwise you fail that QTE. sometimes you have scope to make a mistake (in a chase or fight scene) and sometimes you have to retry the scene again (falling off a plank or bridge high up in the air).

it's also a term of endearment used between davidoff and i. kind of like "cutie" but geekier.
"Man, I've done this QTE a million times and I still can't get it right!"

"Tehehe....you're such a QTE"
by clither January 06, 2005
someone (me) whose name is claire, but in the olde englishe style of talking, such as thither and whither meaning there and where, has been transformed from claire into clither

name can be mashed around in many ways, resulting in
and the ever popular clit
clither is great :) woop!
by clither December 20, 2004
a micture of music styles, somewhere between pop and rock - as perfected by the amazingthey might be giants
they might be giants are the kings of the pock genre and must be worshipped
by clither December 20, 2004
an alternative way of expressing the somewhat offensive term fucktard in polite company
"hey! factoid! put down my sandwich!"
by clither December 19, 2004

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