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past tense of fack; also see fuck
yeah, see that girl over there? we totally facked.
by shhhhhhamalamadingdong November 17, 2007
When your facebook account gets hacked.
Never mind that crazy post at 2:00 today... I got FACKED.
by netsourcery June 28, 2011
1) The state of being both fat and jacked at the same time.

2) Used to describe someone who is big and strong, but a bit overweight. Often used to describe a person who used to be very muscular but has maybe let themselves go.
1) Yea, my uncle used to be a firefighter, but ever since he retired last July he's gotten pretty facked.

2) You probably couldn't tell through that flabby stomach, but Charlie is actually mad facked. I've seen him lift up a car.
by jsnowcharmander May 22, 2010
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