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15 definitions by meme

Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-on's
Yall ppl can hate all yall want, i know imma B.I.T.C.H
by meme October 07, 2004
fucking in a strange place and/or position.
They were facking all night long
by meme December 06, 2003
a super kid, really good at sports
Tyrel is cool
by meme November 05, 2003
Memeber of the bad ass group KottonMouth Kings, also a memeber of KingSpade- He can sing, he can rap, and he is fuckin beautiful, if your into the So Cal Punk rock Hip Hop Live life Full Throttle sorta guy!
by MeMe April 04, 2005
To feel so damn good, its crazy.
Dawg, im feelin dointy today yo!
by meme October 07, 2004
gurl with red hair
afsanah at irv.
by meme January 05, 2004
loser, nerd, no good brotha/sistuh. someone who cant do shit right. Wanna be.
Ja Rule is a total lunky!
by meme October 11, 2004