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Fuck --- Meaning fuck but in a way where u cant get in trubble 4 sayin it
FACK!! this test is hard
by Unknown January 20, 2003
A mis-spelling of the word "frack" - a euphemism for the word "fuck" coined by the creators of the original / classic "Battlestar Galactica" TV series to curse on-air and bypass the censors at the same time.
What the fack are you doing, trying to communicate with a 3rd-grade language skill level?
by Stoney4 June 13, 2012
1. An alternative, more acceptable term to use in place of "fuck"

2. "fuck" in the Bostonian language.

3. A term used frequently in ebonics, replacing the word "fact".
1. "I just tripped over that ottoman, Dick van Dyke style. Fack, that was unnecessary."

2. "Yo, buddy, why don't ya get ya fackin' ca' out da fackin' way before I put my foot up ya' fackin' ass."

3. "Er' body know Sheena's baby daddy is Rayquan, that's a fack."
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
the substitute for "fuck" as coined by HSE girls.
"What the fack Lexi, you're such a slat."
by HSEeeesay April 14, 2010
A word used by people who do not know how to spell . These people are usually from stardoll who are ticked off for no apparent reason but want to take their anger out on other people . This usually happens in clubs like : AskPaulinagirls , Animal-lovers and FashionClub .
Fack you!
by xNonamex March 20, 2010
1. To provide women for a party; to successfully set another person up with a girl
2. To bring something to someone

From the word "facilitate"
"I'm tryna fack some girls for the club tonight."

"Yo, fack me that bottle opener?"

by The Squirl August 22, 2008
the fat handles on your back
far out! look at the fack on that chick
by andie pandie panda November 28, 2005
Romanian term for do, however, is the American term for Romanian's term for fuck.
You can fack it!
by versatil December 23, 2003