Fuck --- Meaning fuck but in a way where u cant get in trubble 4 sayin it
FACK!! this test is hard
by Unknown January 20, 2003
1) how a British person says fuck.

2) how to type the word fuck on chat sites and not get in trouble for it.

3) to shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube.

4) how girls ussually say fuck

1) British guy playing XBox- "ah you fackin American you shot me to bloody hell! Fack it's tea time gotta go chaps.

2) a kid playing club penguin -" fuck!!"

Moderator- "you have now been ban for 30 days"

Player 2- he shud have just types fack.

3) haven't you ever heard the eminem song FACK

4) Girl- OMG what the fack is up with you today Josh?

Josh- you mean fuck?

Girl- that's what I fackin said like seriousely!
by Ihearteminem January 23, 2010
A politer way to say the "F" word, by "F" word, I mean Fuck
You wanna fackin' mess motherfacker?!?
by Zack Ladwig April 09, 2007
according to eminem , its cumming .
Hey Jack , stop Facking .
by yeahman200 January 06, 2011
Slang for the swear word, fuck. Used when there is a strong dislike between two people or things.
Fack you, I facking hate you.
by M-Lap July 03, 2007
Used in Bermuda. Replacement for the word "fuck".
What the fack are you doing?
by Heather B. May 16, 2008
when some one gets mad and decices to call you a fucking fag. as if saying fag wasnt enough they also had to add fucking to it. but if you say it to fast it turns out to say FACK... lol :P
yo adrian what the hell were you thinking!!! are you a fack use you flippin brain!!!!
by mr.pebbles :P March 27, 2010
A word that can be substituted for the word "fuck".
Shut the fack up.
by Yeah I Went There March 28, 2009

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