the act of masturbating to your friends' pictures on facebook.
craigbot was caught with his pants down on facebook commiting faceturbation.
by Loyalservant563 November 13, 2007
The act of Facebook-stalking yourself and generally all around creeping on your own Facebook profile.
Looking at pictures of your old swim meets is such faceturbation!
by ihavenopseudonym April 04, 2011
When someone likes his own status/photo/comment on Facebook.
Johnny: Feeling lonely tonight, think it's a good time for a little faceturbation..

*likes* *unlikes* *likes* *unlikes* *likes* *unlikes* AHHHHH *facegasm*

*mom comes in*


Mom: What are you gonna explain, that you have no friends?
by pinkzeppelin09 December 19, 2011
Engaging in solitary, senseless time-wasting Facebook games and activities designed to keep you on Facebook as long as possible.
Bob has got to cut back on his Faceturbation -- he's been super-poking me for two weeks straight!

I've been faceturbating with Flower Gifts for six hours now!
by The Showquest August 18, 2009

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