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Masturbating To pictures on Facebook.
I was caught faceturbating to profile pictures of the hot asian with the big booty and nice titties.
5 2
When someone likes their own activity on Facebook. Can be applied to other social networks.
Guy 1: (Likes his own status)
Guy 2: Dude stop faceturbating.
by Rusty Pecker December 24, 2010
5 6
The practice of getting pleasure from feeling and rubbing one's face. Originally coined for shavegeeks who loved to feel their smooth shaves, faceturbating can also be done by anyone who is impressed with the smoothness, clarity, or overall sexiness of their facial epidermis.
Dude I got the closest shave this morning, I was faceturbating all day long.
by chavegeek January 24, 2009
7 8
Commenting on your own Facebook status.
As I am commenting on my own status it occurred to me that I'm Faceturbating. Admit it. It's just a matter of time before you use it.
by Faceturbater November 29, 2010
2 6