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To look at pictures, read profile information, and/or repeatedly check the status of an individual on facebook. This person can range from a good friend to someone who you have never actually met.
I was facestalking, and I found out that girl I met last night has a boyfriend.
by John Ryan Smith March 25, 2007
To stalk someone using the social networking site, Facebook.
"Have you met her?"
"No, but I totally facestalked her for a while."
by icy118 August 21, 2007
To Face-Stalk (the act of Face-Stalking) involves a person (the Face-Stalker) obsessing over another person or people on Facebook. The Face-Stalker will spend hours reading wall posts, viewing photos and sifting through numerous status updates to gain as much information as possible about the person whilst never leaving any evidence that they have viewed the page. The Face-Stalker works incognito and will never write a comment on the victim's page or photos, as not to raise suspicion.

see also facebook stalker
"I found that girl from the other night on Facebook, and her page isn't set to private so i Face-Stalked her, she's single, she hates cornflakes, she's going on holiday next month ... etc etc"

"Somehow she knew where i was going to be - i bet she Face-Stalked me, she's not even added as a friend so i don't know how she did it"
by thefacestalker April 26, 2009
To "friend" someone on Facebook whom you haven't seen or talked to in years just to see what they look like, if they've gotten fat, have ugly kids, or otherwise see how their life sucks compared to yours. Also, you have no intention of ever writing on this person's wall or commenting on a status or picture, because you are just there to see what they look like/are doing now. Could also go the other way - they could totally rock and make you feel bad, in which case you will un-friend them.
You: Hey, I got an email from Kimmy from High School the other day.
Me: Really? You guys weren't even friends though, right?
You: Hmmm, I guess not.
Me: Dude, she is totally facestalking you.
by Danizilla January 15, 2010
To look at every picture in the FACEBOOK profile of someone you have a crush on.
"Dude,I spent like two hours facestalking Lisa last night."
by Deemolay January 05, 2010
To browse Facebook users' profiles constantly without their knowing, especially when they are not your friends and you are judging them as you do it.
Katie: "Hey you wouldn't believe who added me on Facebook, Fre-."
Michelle: "Fred Thomas, I know, and he commented your pictures."
Katie: "Hey, how did you know?"
Michelle: "Oh, I was just FaceStalking last night."
by Matie Chulick July 03, 2009
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