To be on facebook while doing something else.
Person A. - "What are you doing right now?"
Person B - "Im doing my homework while facebooking."
Person A- "Thats lame..."
by imnotbill September 27, 2010
The act of getting on facebook and using it.
Im facebooking right now! Don't disturb me!
by LG- cuz lifes really good... April 19, 2009
Using the social site to chat, comment on people status,photos, updating on your status, etc I.e all the stuff you could do on facebook.
You facebooking when in class?
Right now am facebooking.
by Crissinty November 12, 2009
facebooking is when using facebook for EXTREMELY long amounts of time
and/or never get off facebook
"hey is such a facebooker he never gets off facebook"
"yeah i know he is facebooking all the time"
by instagramer June 02, 2014
engaging in sexual activity, to fuck bitches

History: in general conversation about going out and wanting to fuck bitches, you may abbreviate into FB, which is very similar to the the popular social network Facebook.
Facebooking is the only reason I'm going out to the club tonight
by buck the fox September 17, 2012
Booking your hotel, restaurant table or cinema tickets for example through Facebook. Evolving the digital journey through social media.
Browsing on Facebook, feeling hungry. Book a table for dinner on a brand page without leaving Facebook or lifting the phone. Facebookings - Ultimate convenience!
by pjpbarnes January 12, 2012
The act of spontaneously changing something for the worse even though little to no change has been asked for. All in the name of trying to make things better. Especially done by one in authority
Todd: dude you are facebooking right now, quit!

Jordan: i know they did ask for wasabi on their pizza but i know they want it and they'll like it
by chiddy3 November 17, 2011

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