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Facebooking- verb; wasting your life away by indulging in the world's largest, most counter productive, mind numbing, and distracting social media platform.

Etymology of Facebook-False Acceptance/Creates Entertainment By Obliterating One's Knowledge.
Brad won't stop facebooking, this is what caused his divorce, and the fact that he does not remember that he has kids or that he has his own house, but he now has 3,000 "friends" which really means he's lost and alone. God help all who are facebooking, they need rehab.
by Zeus4391 August 22, 2011
verb- wasting time away on Facebook.com; being on Facebook.com; chatting with friends on Facebook.com
I don't text, try Facebooking me next time
by me_again42594 August 20, 2010
Hitting Gene over the head with a book.
Trying to knock some sense into Gene, we thought facebooking was our only solution. So we grabbed a dictionary and had at him. It didn't make him smarter, but it sure was fun! (i think it straightened his nose a little too!)
by facebook this April 01, 2010
The act of using your facebook account. Commonly used when being asked What's Up? a common reply would be "Just FaceBooking."
Facebook Account 1: Hey man, Whats up?
Facebook Account 2: Nothing much, just FaceBooking.
by FaceBookingGuy June 30, 2009
Used by plastic surgeons when booking patients in for any type of facial surgery, be it the alteration of a nose, lips,chin or otherwise.
I'm booking you in for your nose adjustment Mr. Peterson. There you go, your facebooking is next sunday at 11:00.
by Literature Ninja May 22, 2009

Booking your hotel, restaurant table or cinema tickets for example through Facebook. Evolving the digital journey through social media.
Browsing on Facebook, feeling hungry. Book a table for dinner on a brand page without leaving Facebook or lifting the phone. Facebookings - Ultimate convenience!
by pjpbarnes January 26, 2012
The act of spreading your butt cheeks over someones face and slamming them closed. Do this in the same way you would slam the face of a book closed while it is resting on its spine.
"Steve pissed me off, so after my mile long jog I gave him a sweaty/steamy facebooking!"
by Dave Webb April 05, 2008