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Noun. (See also facebook slut). A person who spends more time one face book making "friends" than spending time in the real word interacting with their real life friends.
Bec's become a facebook addict. She's more interested in increasing her friends count than spening time with us people who see her in person.
by Šteggs September 23, 2007
one who is more obsessed with checking their wall posts, comments, chatting with people, liking statuses, taking social interview questions, playing farmville, quoting song lyrics, laughing at inside jokes, putting up pictures of themselves with gang signs, randomly adding people they've never actually met but have 20 mutual friends, "curiously reading" other people's profiles, or poking people than actually getting work, homework, or a social life in order to live.
"oh i just want to check my notifications...oh new wall post? lost a chicken? oh no....."like"... "LOL karen, i look fat in this picture take it off! but you look so caauutte"....what was i doing again...?"

"happy birthday!"
"how'd you know it was my birthday?"
"oh FACEBOOK, silly!"
"....what was your name again?"

"dude how did julie know my birthday?"
"oh man, she's a complete facebook addict...i'll totally take back the gift i gave to her farmville..."
by facebookers annonymous. February 23, 2010
All the people who are online when you log in at 2 am expecting to be the only one connected.
I'll log in later so Katy doesn't see me online and start wanting to chat.

Later: "Oh shit, Katy is fucking online, plus half of my fucken friend list!!

Freaking facebook addicts!
by PATO_scream September 01, 2010
person who has no social life other than spending time logging into facebook
facebook addict: kelvin
by panocha12793 July 14, 2010
Khaled is an example of a facebook addict.
Khaled says: "I r not facebook addict"
Behroz says: "Oh yes you are"
by Behroz May 17, 2008
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