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A mental condition wherein the victim/sufferer receives a Facebook friend invitation, can clearly see the he/she and the sender share many mutual friends, but can't for the life of Pete, remember who the hell this person is.
I see you are friends with ______ . I just received a friend invite from her and am experiencing a severe case of Faceblock. How do I know this person?
by Mr. Slappa June 01, 2012
to ignore a request for friendship on a social networking site on the world wide web
he contacted me on facebook. i had no choice but to faceblock him, he's one stalking bastard
by donna chapman September 14, 2008
A condition among Facebookers where one loses the ability to post status updates or comments to the posts of others.
Person 1: Hey man, are you okay? I haven't seen much from you on Facebook. I was starting to think you were dead.

Person 2: I'm fine. I just have a bad case of Faceblock. I can't even bring myself to login.
by Riconator September 25, 2009
Blocking someone so they cannot find you on Facebook, for whatever reason.
"I faceblocked my ex so he wouldn't be able to stalk me anymore!"

Ty: "I don't know what to do...I defriended Laura on Facebook but she keeps friend requesting me. She doesn't get the hint!"

Angie: "Why don't you Faceblock her? Then she can't find you anymore."
by scorpio813 July 06, 2009
When you go on the computer to be productive, but never get past Facebook because you've made it your homepage.
I was supposed to be checking on my online class, but I got Faceblocked 5 hours ago.
by Jazzyris May 25, 2013
The act of commenting on a Facebook users status update in order to hinder posting by others. Typically this will involve commenting on the status so that comments by others will be out of context with the initial topic discussed
Status update (Poster)- Today is the happiest day of my life :)
Facebook (Commenter 1)- It's because of me right?
(Poster)- Of course, who else?!
(Commenter 2)-...... (Faceblocked!)
by DKN85 January 12, 2012
Basically cock blocking another virtually by means of facebook. It is usually by commenting on the same status when a similar person of interest is involved. ie someone chimes in when the other is spitting game on the wall.
Dude, I been trying to bag this girl for a month, and Ryan is totally faceblocking me! I'll say some shit and the motherfucker one ups me every time! Guess I request some more hos.
by Virtual cockblocking July 13, 2011
Faceblock: /fās/bläk/ verb; To Faceblock is to prevent another person, intentionally or inadvertently, from having sexual intercourse with a third party via Facebook. A faceblock or faceblocker is a person who engages in such obstruction or intervention.
Ex. "I thought everything was going well with Jessica and I. Until Ryan tagged that picture of another woman and I, and totally faceblocked me."
by WILDCARD760 April 25, 2011