a talk, a moment, a meeting, a sleepover, a drink, a dinner, a time together no matter how short.
I finally got my facetime with Donnie Wahlberg and it was pure heaven
by NKOTB fan November 03, 2008
The amount of time that your woman spends sitting on your face during sex. This applies to both Hetero and Homo-Sexual activities.
Beth got alot of face time with her girlfriend last night.
by wino joe June 28, 2003
the act of 'getting facetime' is getting alone with your girl or man for some 'quality time'- usually just to do things your friends and parents wouldn't want to see.
GUY: Where you going?

GUY 2: Getting facetime with my girl.
by Jack Lycanthrope December 05, 2006
Time spent being in the office, usually late, for the sake of being seen by others in the office. Particularly prevalent in the investment banking industry especially around bonus time.
I was at work until 2am last night reading Urnabdictionary.com.
That was some serious face time
by this nizzle needs fizzle June 23, 2004
The act of a woman sitting on a mans face vigorously also known as carpet munching, SOMF, tongue fucking, muff diving & yodeling in the valley
Face-time has been suspected to be the cause of numerous asphixiation related deaths.
by KKJoy February 18, 2015
Had lots of facetime today, with my boss in London, the kids at home, and mom in Miami.
by MikeZ April 23, 2012
Face on deck.

Lemme get that head.

Stacks: Can I get that FaceTime?
Her: What's FaceTime?
Stacks: *Staleface* Well FaceTime is... just FaceTime. *Smiles*
Her: Okay!
by OMGitsStacks January 23, 2011
What should be another way to say that you want head.
I love getting FACE TIME when shes on her period.
by Dominoharvey25 August 07, 2011

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