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A meeting "in person", such that both parties are present "in the flesh". No, videoconferences don't count.
"I need to get some face time with the boss if I ever want this project to be approved".
by droid June 21, 2003
to serve time in jail
my brother faced time for smoking weed
by David June 17, 2003
The amount of time some gets in front of a camera.
Ed sullivan got a lot of face time during his show.
by N.K. June 29, 2003
What you do when you get caught by the po-pos.
by Deezy June 24, 2003
the amount of time a person gets in front of the camera
She gets a lot of face time.
by jerk October 06, 2003
An imminent or apprehensive experience.
Bawler: Face time, motherfucker.
Silas: Yeah, I heard you in Ms. Doubtfire's home-ec' class.
by Food and Drug Administration June 26, 2003
Logging onto Facebook
"Dude, i'm having face time, don't interupt"
by Ann February 08, 2005