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A meeting "in person", such that both parties are present "in the flesh". No, videoconferences don't count.
"I need to get some face time with the boss if I ever want this project to be approved".
by droid June 21, 2003
2 15
to serve time in jail
my brother faced time for smoking weed
by David June 17, 2003
3 18
The amount of time some gets in front of a camera.
Ed sullivan got a lot of face time during his show.
by N.K. June 29, 2003
1 17
What you do when you get caught by the po-pos.
by Deezy June 24, 2003
3 19
the amount of time a person gets in front of the camera
She gets a lot of face time.
by jerk October 06, 2003
1 19
An imminent or apprehensive experience.
Bawler: Face time, motherfucker.
Silas: Yeah, I heard you in Ms. Doubtfire's home-ec' class.
by Food and Drug Administration June 26, 2003
7 25
Logging onto Facebook
"Dude, i'm having face time, don't interupt"
by Ann February 08, 2005
1 20