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A stupid acronym for "fine" used in online chatrooms and instant messengers. Phonetically you are saying fnine which sounds quite retarded so do not use it. "Fine" is a short enough, there is no need to condense it.
One: How are you?
Two: I'm f9
One: You're fnine? WTF does that mean retard
by OneLookCouldKill February 23, 2009
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to move on, get over something. (particularly in reference to girls)

originally from the website where F9 will skip you to the next person
- You're still thinking about her?

- Yeah..

- Dude, F9 that
by D burner February 07, 2010
to reject
"damn she f9ed that bitch"
by GEEnasty March 29, 2010
if you dont like the way someone looks (another term for rejection)
i totally f9'd the shit out of them.
by josh mitchel May 01, 2010
Internet slang for "fine".
That's just f9.

A: u ok?
B: yeh, f9
by Rai-Thunder June 11, 2006
To go through relationships rapidly, to be promiscuous.

Derives from Chatroulette, where the F9 key brings another chat-partner up.
Dude 1: "I was thinking of trying to start a long-term devoted relationship with Maria."

Dude 1: "Not gonna happen. She straight F9s dudes."
by PostHaste February 23, 2010

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