A phrase that explains that everyone has an excuse for their mistakes, problems etc.
Excuses are like asses, everyone has them (except some gimps).
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
Top Definition
One's lame excuse will often render this response.
Gina: I can't go out tonight Bill, because I'm washing my hair.
Bill: Piss off Gina. Your excuses are like asses. You always have one, and nobody wants to hear it.
by ed rogers May 24, 2004
1) everyone has an excuse, or reason, for doing what they did, most of the time it's a ficticious on-the-spot excuse, you can tell it's b.s.
2) and old saying reiterating the above
excuses are like asses...everybody's got 'em and most of the time they stink...
by Kid Nebraska May 23, 2004
This phrase means that excuses are full of shit, like asses.
"Why don't you just tell the truth about what happened? Your excuses are like asses."
by kenni May 22, 2004
phrase used by "hip" gym and history teachers. "excuses are like asses"... if the coach is particularly bright, he will finish the phrase: "excuses are like asses, everyones got one and they all stink"
"But coach - i have a good reason!!"

"excuses are like asses billy... like asses!"
by Jake Jarmel May 21, 2004
A shortened version of the saying "excuses are like asses - everybody has one."
"I told him excuses are like asses, and that he better have the job done by tomorrow."
by DMC May 24, 2004
The full phrase is "Excuses are like asses; everybody's got em." There are many variations on this phrase; for example, some people may add "and they all stink" to the end, or change "asses" to "assholes." The phrase appears to have evolved from the related phrase, "Opinions are like assholes - everybody's got one."
"It wasn't my fault I was late, the traffic was bad!"
"Excuses are like asses. Everybody's got em, and they all stink."
by progamer124 May 23, 2004
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