The full phrase is "Excuses are like asses; everybody's got em." There are many variations on this phrase; for example, some people may add "and they all stink" to the end, or change "asses" to "assholes." The phrase appears to have evolved from the related phrase, "Opinions are like assholes - everybody's got one."
"It wasn't my fault I was late, the traffic was bad!"
"Excuses are like asses. Everybody's got em, and they all stink."
by progamer124 May 23, 2004
Indicates the prevelance or abundance of a thing. Adds a negative connotation to what every you are comparing to assholes. Usually used as "blanks" are like asshole, everyone's got one.
Mustangs are like assholes, every one has one.
by tex May 24, 2004
This is a shortened version of the original quote. It means everyone has an excuse, just like everyone has a buttocks.
Excuses are like assholes, because everybodies got them.
by mistert2 May 23, 2004
its a whole saying it says "excuses are like asses everyone has one" it basically says everyone has an ass and everyone has an excuse.
"That girl Kathy she never does anything and always has a some lame reason to back it up"
"Ya but excuses are like asses everyone has one"
by Annie May 22, 2004
A comparison of excuses to asses.
"Excuses are like asses, full of shit"
"Excuses are like asses, full of holes"
by R@ndomProf@nity May 22, 2004
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