"Bull-Shitting" because it feels good.
No example. Just use your immagination... "exaggerbate"

If you feel like embelishing a story because it gets more laughs, cringes, pukes or "mutual stimulation" and you get-off on it, then you are "exaggerbating".
by Michael Ciaro August 24, 2010
Top Definition
1: erotic stimulation one receives by enlarging beyond the bounds of truth, verbal manipulation, of various combinations of these agencies
the man exaggerbates his virtues
by CB Smith October 27, 2004
To tell Exaggerated Tales of a Sexual Nature.
Are they true, these tales you tell of your experiances with the cheerleaders? Or do you,perhaps,just exaggerbate?
by Waboa February 01, 2009
Verb. Getting euphoric enjoyment from building one exaggeration on top of another.
I was so bored listening to Harry exaggerbate about his big date last night.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010

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