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"Bull-Shitting" because it feels good.
No example. Just use your immagination... "exaggerbate"

If you feel like embelishing a story because it gets more laughs, cringes, pukes or "mutual stimulation" and you get-off on it, then you are "exaggerbating".
by Michael Ciaro August 24, 2010
1 0
1: erotic stimulation one receives by enlarging beyond the bounds of truth, verbal manipulation, of various combinations of these agencies
the man exaggerbates his virtues
by CB Smith October 27, 2004
9 0
To tell Exaggerated Tales of a Sexual Nature.
Are they true, these tales you tell of your experiances with the cheerleaders? Or do you,perhaps,just exaggerbate?
by Waboa February 01, 2009
5 0
Verb. Getting euphoric enjoyment from building one exaggeration on top of another.
I was so bored listening to Harry exaggerbate about his big date last night.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
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