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When an English teacher starts out nice at the beginning of a school but than later snaps and becomes a mean teacher that randomly yells at kids.
Guy 1: What ever happened to Ms. teacher? she used to be so nice!
Guy 2: Yea but shes so mean now.
Guy 1: I know, she has English Teacher Syndrome (ETS)
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011
When a person who is fully aware that you are wearing earbuds and listening to music, but completely ignores them, thus continuing their conversation undeterred.
Guy 1: Hey should i drink Coke or Pepsi...
Guy 2: Listening to music
Guy 1: Well what do you think?
Guy 2: did u say something?
Guy 1: Yea i want to...
Guy 2: What are you, Earbud blind? go away.
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011
The act of masturbating in a closed off room and then coming out and bragging about how you just had sex.
Guy 1: Dude, i just got laid!
Guy 2: No you didn't your just exaggerbating.
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011
Pretending to have an orgasm during sex and then showing that you didn't climax in order to hurt the self esteem of your sexual partner.
Chick: I made you climax sooooo hard!
Dude: no you didn't, that was just a sargasm
by Nikoliah November 05, 2011

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