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Legislation stuck in Congress.
Forget about that vital legislation.It's Congresstipated.
by Waboa February 13, 2009
Rule H states "Never eat anything Larger than your Head".
"Better get some help with that 16 inch Pizza.Rule H, yo."
by Waboa February 01, 2009
Fuel for Gossip
I'll tell you all about what they did.I'll give you all of the details, but it's Confidential.
by Waboa February 09, 2009
Misunderstandings can be a Bitch.
Glad we got THAT staightened out!Rule-M,yo,Misunderstandings can be a Bitch! Misunderstandings WITH a Bitch,can be Bitch-Squared.
by Waboa February 08, 2009
A Unit of Measurement Equal to One Rat's Ass.
If you note a lack of Concern on my part,it is because I don't give one Ratz.
by Waboa February 07, 2009
"It's More Complicated Than That..",is an Acceptable and Adequate Response To virtually every statement or Question.
Certainly your argument is pefectly reasonable.But if you had looked at Rule-C,you'd know my answer has to be,"It's More Complicated than that".
by Waboa February 05, 2009
To tell Exaggerated Tales of a Sexual Nature.
Are they true, these tales you tell of your experiances with the cheerleaders? Or do you,perhaps,just exaggerbate?
by Waboa February 01, 2009

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