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a bob who is as evil as hamsters are furry. he must not be trusted.
that evil bob killed my dog!
A sexy and yet evil man from Helbreath. He was also the guild master of NSA (Nuke South America), the fightingest guild in all of Kentucky
Evilbob>>>>Jebus (aka Blockoland)
by k ryall April 27, 2004
your best guy friend that makes fun of you in front of all his freinds.. but secretly wants to get you on your back
HA. look at that Bob. Here sure has it all...
by meoowww February 10, 2005
A dude called bob who is immensly evil. That is why we call him evil bob.
Frekin Dude:Hey bob
bob: mwa ha ha ha i juss made a puppy eat its own shite and then killed it!
Frekin dude: that is freakin evil!
bob: i know
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