Evanescence is fail.
Evanescence was founded in Little Rock Arkansas and is basically about Amy Lee, singer, writing about her dead husband. Up until there recent album, The Open Door, they could be considered 'tolerable', but with there new album there not, there just a big ol' pile of FAIL!

Most of the people who like Evanescence only like them because of there T.O.D., those people are basically girl who think there all tough because they listen to this band and where skater shirts and probably have never stepped on a skateboard before, or little emo kids that think THERE so dark and alone because they think there life reflects that of the song "My Immortal" while in fact they have a really good life and they only complain becuase there mommy or daddy didn't feel like spending $300 on them for something mundane.
Hey, did you go see Evanescence last night?

Why the fuck would I do that?! There just cheap imitaions of Epica, Nightwish, Tristania, Within Temptation, and every good band that has a female singer!
by kidwithathorn October 23, 2007
The most contreversial and fake band I know. Not REALLY goth. Not "REALLY a christian" band. Not REALLY worth my time.
My god, my tourniquet. Heaven shine a light down on me.

Not a christian band my ass. Evanescence...what happened?
by Sedated June 07, 2007
1. the state of vanishing
2. a shitty band
1. vaporisation is a kind of evanescence
2. /
by onyma August 11, 2005

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