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A great Dutch Gothic rock band, who are awesome live, simular to within temptation but heavier.
Annoying teenage wannabe: 'Let's listen to evinesance!'
Real Metal fan: 'No! Let's go see Epica you stupid bitch!'
by DanC October 12, 2005
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A state of mind which one arrives in by experiencing something of epic proportions.
"That party was so crazy! I was in Epica."
by Prudence the Naughty Pilgrim December 03, 2006
A Korean built vehicle, sold around the world excluding the United States. In the North American market, it is also known as a 'Suzuki Verona'. A fake Chevy.

An extremely good value, as it is designed for those who know you can have the finer things in life, without paying for it.
That Epica is sooo old man, oh yeah!!! It's cheaper than a real Chevy!
by jdkfjkdslakfjsd March 28, 2005
A very female type name thingy. Generally points out someone who wants teh cyb0r badly.
Amg Epica, cyb0r wit I? Me r wub j00 long time k?
by pwnz0r December 08, 2004
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