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(noun) 1. a dude who whoops, hollas and cheers "you go girl" to himself while working out. 2. one who annoys others by being flamboyant 3. one who is the rightful target of retribution by others.
(verb) 1. to bitch slap
noun: Stop acting like a Sugarman or I will jack you.
verb: I will Sugarman your ass, pussy.
by June 16, 2008
“Sugar Man. n. Prematurely balding male who attracts the attention of women by telling fanciful stories of his sexual conquests”.
"Hi Ladies if lovin's the game, Sugar Man's my name. Just ask (insert random name of actress/female singer/female A-list celeb)".

(Listen for guffaws of laughter from everyone else)
by Jackson Report March 16, 2010
Unwelcome advance by a creepy guy.
I thought he was real polite till we got in the car, then he turned into a complete sugarman - hands all over me.
by Farleigh Uecker April 03, 2003
The man that likes sugar. Simple.
Stu "hey santi, how much sugar is in this?"

Santi "well 23g to be precise"

Stu "sure sugarman..........."

Santi "gimmie sugar NOW!"
by jake.. October 04, 2006

hooray for jesus
what a fag... whoops i mean sugarman i <3 homos lol
by aRon April 21, 2005
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