A great band. With a kick ass lead singer. Their genre is post grunge. Which is cool, because I'm a big fan of grunge music. It sucks that Ben left the band. They've had 2 albums out, and they came to their height of popularity in march of '03 when bring me to life was released. Though they are still very popular.
I was a fan of 12 stones, so I heard the duet that evaneacence did with them. I liked Bring me to life a lot. I heard the song on WWE Raw, a month before it was released.
by Kristina Delonge July 02, 2004
1) To dissapear into mist.
2) A gothic alternative band (My personal favorite).
Go buy Evanescence's 'The Open Door' album on iTunes. It's fricken amazing.
by TauntingXxXFate June 24, 2008
The best Alternative metal/Rock Band on earth.
The band is led by Amy Lee,
The band is releasing a new album sometime in 2010,
Amy states the album will be ''Better, more interesting'' than all the other Evanescence albums.
Evanescence: It's true, We're all a little insane, but its so clear, Now that im unchained... Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time, Fear is only in our minds but its taking over all the time..
fan: *screams* OMG! This is so cool!!!
by evanescenceRules4ever January 18, 2010
a band including Amy Lee, an amazing singer with an ethereal voice. Her songs are mostly on the darker side, but 'Good Enough' talks of hope and love. Should be on tour.
'bring me to life' by evanescence
by xAngelFirex September 04, 2009
The best band with the best songs ever!! "Although Away From Me" comes across pop-like to me, "Missing" will forever remain perfect in my heart. They come across as Dark Rock, Hard Rock, Goth Rock. (although they aren't really goth...)
Away from me is an awesome song!!
I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds...

Missing!! -sings-
Please, please, forgive me...
by Snow April 11, 2005
At first the band had found some local fame in Little Rock, releasing their first CDs there, before blasting on to the music scene with their debut album Fallen which has sold over 14 million copies worldwide to date.
Many people consider the band rock but the band doesnt truly fit the criteria for rock. The real genre of the group is Symphonic or Gothic Metal.
Evanescence is underated
by Outside June 22, 2006
An awesome band who got my attention with just one song.
OMG yes! An Evanescence song!
by John Shipman September 13, 2005
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