A great band formed back in 1996 that is constantly called a Lacuna Coil rip off band but both formed in 1996 (Lacuna Coil formed as Sleep of Right in 1994, but released no stuff until 1998 after they had changed their name to Lacuna Coil) and released their first EP's in 1998.
Girl: Eww. Evanescence, they like totally ripped of Lacuna Coil.
Guy: They both started in 1996 so getyour facts right
by james23485 August 10, 2004
Top Definition
An amazing rock band from Arkansas, USA. They released songs such as Bring Me To Life, Going Under, Everybody's Fool and My Immortal, although their older work and demos, in my opinion is better.

They are NOT fake, unlike some other bands ;)
Amy Lee is just amazing.
by 9045 July 23, 2004
in actuallity it means: to dissipate or disappear like vapor
life is in a constant state of evanescence.
by frankie March 26, 2005
1) To disappear or vanish into a mist.
2) 00's rock band from Little Rock, America. Songs include Bring Me To Life and Everbody's Fool. Sometimes called Christian Rock because they are Christians; only one song on Fallen, Torniquet, mentions God or Christ.
2) Did you hear the new Evanescence song?
by jazzpup February 04, 2005
Probably the best band to ever come into existence. Amy Lee's voice is perfect; the contradiction between the music and her singing sounds wonderful. Typically called "goth rock", the band doesn't really fit under that definition.
The people at my school don't understand good music; no one here likes Evanescence.
by GottaLoveEvanescence May 16, 2005
Apart from the proper dictionary definition, Evanescence is a rock band with great lyrics. You don't have to be a depressed or be into rock to appreciate their music. Even if you're a content and happy person, you can to some extent relate to their songs. If they weren't any good, they wouldn't have so much publicity, think about it, how many other bands in the same genre have succeeded like them.
Eg) My Immortal - lost love?
Going Under - finally letting go?
Bring me to Life - self recognition?
Breathe No More -

Self-improvement is for the weak, the strong seek self-destruction.
by Dead Angel March 24, 2005
Evanescence is one of the best bands EVER. With the enchantingly beautiful, harmonious voice of Amy Lee, and an awesome beat, there is NOTHING better! They were founded by Amy Lee and Ben Moody (who left the band durring thier European tour in October of 2004).
"I just got the new Evanescence CD/DVD 'Anywhere But Home', and it ROCKS!"
"I Love Amy Lee of Evanescence, her voice is so beautiful.
by Alyssa February 11, 2005
A tragically underestimated rock band hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S. Often known by idiots for "calling themselves gothic," "ripping off Lacuna Coil," and other overconformed demi-insults. Most known for the songs "My Immortal" and "Bring Me to Life." People generally forget that Evanescence has a large collection of songs pre-Fallen.

Ev have covered many songs, most notably "Tourniquet" ("My Tourniquet") by Soul Asylum and "Thoughtless" by Korn.
Annabelle: Despite how their lead vocalist always tries to go around saying "Oh, I'm such a demi-goth."
Reply: Imbucile, stop pretending you know what you're saying and actually read a fucking interview.
by LaDiablo August 19, 2005
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