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4 definitions by villevalo2

The Frontwoman and Vocalist of the best band in this rockin world: Evanescence. She sometimes plays the piano too! Amy Lee's voice sounds like an angel, but even better. Her lyrics and music together fit perfectly. She's an awesome example of the most perfect idol. And she rocks!
Amy Lee rocks this freakin world!
by villevalo2 June 08, 2006
611 290
Evanescence- A wonderful band from Arkansas.That plays the most beautiful music out there. They are the most perfect example of a role model. And none of there songs ever let me down. They all rock. So if you think that they suck, shut up! And go listen to your crappy music! And you an evvy fan out there. You rock! Go Evanescence!
Those who follow the footsteps of evanescence are bound to have a good life in the future.
by villevalo2 June 27, 2006
162 81
The frontman of the Finnish band HIM. Ville is sweet, a wonderful singer, charming, And I have to admit that he's the hottest guy that is ever going to exist lol, he plays the drums and Bass guitar. His lyrics will make you begging for more and never want to stop listening to his words that are so beautiful. He touches my heart and probably many other's hearts out there too.
I will always love you Ville Valo.
by villevalo2 June 27, 2006
17 8
A band that Ville Hermanni Valo used to be in.
Ville was in the band b.l.o.o.d.! Sweetness!
by villevalo2 June 08, 2006
12 30