A band headed by the amazing Amy Lee. It's not a goth or Christian group, as many people think. It has been labeled as "dark epic rock" and "drama rock." Both work. Pick whichever one you prefer.
None to give.
by pseudonym April 13, 2004
Evanescence- A wonderful band from Arkansas.That plays the most beautiful music out there. They are the most perfect example of a role model. And none of there songs ever let me down. They all rock. So if you think that they suck, shut up! And go listen to your crappy music! And you an evvy fan out there. You rock! Go Evanescence!
Those who follow the footsteps of evanescence are bound to have a good life in the future.
by villevalo2 June 27, 2006
A great band formed back in 1996 that is constantly called a Lacuna Coil rip off band but both formed in 1996 (Lacuna Coil formed as Sleep of Right in 1994, but released no stuff until 1998 after they had changed their name to Lacuna Coil) and released their first EP's in 1998.
Girl: Eww. Evanescence, they like totally ripped of Lacuna Coil.
Guy: They both started in 1996 so getyour facts right
by james23485 August 10, 2004
The best band in the world, started by Amy Lee and Ben Moody as an Alternative Rock band, although some songs are considered goth rock. Originally from Little Rock, AK, U.S.A.. They have a new album set to release in March, 2006. Ben Moody has left the band.
Amy Lee from Evanescence has the best voice.
by Peter Browne September 10, 2005
1. To disapate like vapor.

2. The greatest band in the world, with the most talented singer, Amy Lee.
"My favorite band is "Evanescence."
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
1. To disappear, like vapor.
2. A great band formed in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founders are Amy Lee (singer, piano) and Ben Moody (ex-guitar). Other band members are Rocky Gray (drums), William Boyd (bass), John LeCompt and Terry Balsamo (guitars). As of now, the primary songwriter is Amy Lee. They are simply a rock group, usually falsely mis-labeled as christian rock. This happened because a cover of Tourniquet (song originally done by Rocky's old band) appeared on Fallen. The words "God" and "Christ" are mentioned a few times, but that'a all they're mentioned in the entire album. The album was first put in Christian stores, then taken out soon after. Their best selling album, Fallen, has gone 6X Platinum.

Recently, their live album, Anywhere But Home, caused Wal-Mart to be sued becauseit was being sold in Maryland without a Parental Advisory sticker attached to it. On track five of the album, a cover of the song Thoughtless, originally by Korn, Amy Lee swears 3 times during the course of the song, sticking with the original lyrics. Apparently, swearing in one song on an album warrants a Parental Advisory, and Marlyand Wal-Marts cannot, by law, sell albums containing this.
Evanescence facts:

Rock, not Christian rock
Not a Lacuna Coil rip-off
Greatest band ever
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006
Simply words cannot describe how good they are! similar to Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Him and,to a certain extent, Cradle Of Filth! They so good! Imaginary is best! thatscary bit in the middle is the defining moment of my life!
Evanescence are the best band ever!
i concur!
by Wardrobe May 25, 2005
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