Song contest which takes place annually in Europe, first started in 1956 and has recently had its 50th show, has launched the career of bands 'ABBA' and 'BRAINSTORM'.
Popular worlidwide not just Europe.
The Eurovision song contest is held in Athens in 2006.
by Vicki Baron November 01, 2005
Top Definition
A joke ... but we like it anyway!

Highlights of 2004's Eurovision song contest:

- Satelite feed of woman blowing her nose
- Xena Warrior Princesses from Ukraine winning
- UK getting more than 0 this year (hurray!)
Best served with Terry Wogan
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
Mediocre performers, crappy songs, but for some strange reason massive loads of fun - even if you're not a flaming homosexual.
Digg-loo, diggi-lei
by bllah January 08, 2004
Best fucking competition.
"We pwn you at teh Eurovision"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 05, 2003
the worlds funiest competition in the world better than football word cup even the OLYMPICS and only exclusive 2 european citizens TAKE THAT USA u suc
the eurovision song contest
by snob November 14, 2003
The reason America are smug
the eurovision song contest
by raelone May 15, 2004
A crapy contest of unknown dumb-ass signers who think they are cool, the whole Europe can see them.
Nevertheless, hosting this stupid singers' competition is good for advertising "developing" countries like Turkey (in 2004) and Ukraine (2005).
By the way, Ukraine is now hosting the 50th Eurovision contest, and it should ve the best of all.
Aasdsdsfdsfdasf dasfdasf f f
by KroLL May 13, 2005

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