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Channel 3. AKA Channel Chav
"Let's watch ITV."
by raelone April 10, 2005
the THIRD city of the UK. not the second. known to an american i knew as 'a little place just outside of London'
yea ive been to england before, i went to a little place just outside london, something chester...
by raelone June 18, 2005
a free web based email service. the best thing microsoft had ever done, but being made by microsoft it obviously has its down side, being its incredibly slowwwwww site
omg hotmail sucks, im getting gmail, its so much easier to get my mail
by raelone July 15, 2005
for the record there is no such thing as 'british idol'. we dont all need some simple stab at patriotism to get us to watch a programme. also he doesnt earn millions for doing nothing. he has signed many big names and hardly makes anything comparitivly from any of the idols
get your facts straight
by raelone May 07, 2005
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