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A very good underground rapper, that spits the reel shit on the mic. Other rappers try and copy his style though(eminem).
It's all bout reel life!
by Martin femi-hata October 19, 2003
the unholy, the originator of the acid rappin'
esham is the sizznt
by ai'thang boy September 05, 2003
A Rapper that been spittin tha wicket shit. Another member of natas and tha godfather of tha wicket shit.
Closed Casket, Dead Flowers, Repentance . Those be 3 of his cds
by B-illy ( SyKDa ) October 29, 2003
Eastside Hoes And Money

The self proclaimed godfather of Acid rap known for getting into fueds with Eminem, D12, and Dice
Esham the unholy boogieman
by Ted Bundy May 30, 2004
An East Detroit rapper.
Acronym: East Side Hoes and Money
e to tha s to tha h to tha m, East Side Hoes and Money
by theo April 03, 2005
The Godfather of Acid rap. The reason Eminem is a good rapper. A psychopathic Artist that comes from Detroit like ICP, Eminem, and Kid Rock. One of the best rappers ever to get on the mike
Esham the father of Acid/horrorcore rap
by The True Spikes July 30, 2005
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