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esham is the king of the d, creator of natas, acid rap, horrorcore and all wicked shit in general. he contributes much mainstream flavor behind the board but will always be underground original wicked shit.
made when esham was 13 years young
by bigdandshit June 16, 2008
wicked shit-Juggalo music. everywhere from esham and natas all the way to psychopathic records, strange records and many other underground artists of wicked shit, morbid rap like necro, horrorcore like king gordy, suicidalism like oldschool esham and it all originated from esham. esham is the only undisputed creator of our wicked shit. and anyone else who thinks he aint, listen to his shit like kkkill the fetus, words from hell, boomin words from hell, bruce whayne gotham city... it goes on and on. listen to that shit and then you will find out how much icp jocked off of esham. and idk who the hell wrote icp used wicked shit to hide the god part. screw you. icp uses wicked shit to reach all the down ninja's all over the world. everyone on psychopathic records and everyone spittin wicked shit does it for one reason. FOR THE WICKED SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCLand P.S. you can't judge the carrer of a group over 15 years strong on one freakin song you sack of shit
Underground wicked shit

by bigdandshit June 16, 2008
A Juggalo is me. i dress, act, talk, think,say, do, and go whereever the hell i want. if someone sais something i dont like about someone i never met before, its my fight. if someone sais something i dont like about my best freind, girl friend, father mother sister brother aunt cousin nephew whoever, its my fight. if someone sais something about me thou, i dont care. i live my life how i want to live it and i dont let one person influence me. i look at the world with a knowledge and understanding far beyond someone two three times my age. i hate myself for what i am becoming but love what i have done to reach this point. no one thing describes truly a juggalo, some say its an icp thing..... WRONG some say its a twiztid thing.... Wrong again... some say it is a wicked shit, horrorcore, underground partying druggie thing.... WRONG.... noone can describe a juggalo because noone knows what it is. i will tell everyone one thing thou, i am a juggalo and i dwell with my homies on the east side of cleveland and the east side of detroit and chicago. and out of the hundreds if not thousand juggalos i know, no two are the same and not one is a bitch, we straight up lay people out for talkin wrong and that is straight up. no dude with a faggot ass mohawk is going to come up to any of my ninjas and punch them in the face without getting a spoon shoved into their head. i know juggalos that dont even listen to wicked shit. and their are i believe somewhat guidelines for being a juggalo. i mean you cant come out of beverly hills and have a trust fund and call yourself a juggalo, cause in reality you dont know shit about real life, but you also dont have to be from the hardcore ghetto either. someone usually aquires the Juggalo status after going throu a rough fucked up childhood, or a crazy experience or just hearing wicked shit and following it. but lets get one thing straight. a juggalo is not a fan of music, and is not a member of a cult, their is a very fine line about a mile wide between the two every juggalo stands somewhere on it. so keep it wicked, keep sneakin into gatherings, and keep on keeping on MOTHA FUCKO
"what is a juggalo... i dont know but im down with the clowns and im down for life yo
by bigdandshit June 16, 2008

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