When something goes wrong it is known as an error. Usually pronounced using a drunken slur
I've Errored tonight.
ERROR, Ive just lost everyone.
by Rob P March 27, 2003
when something goes wrong
usually used with anything to do with computers
occors a lot on any microsoft based operating system
especially on a programming language invented by sun microsystems
particularly when you are on a deadline
you have got a redundant someshit error on line 24.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
Error is an expirimental/hardcore/electronica band from California. Like a scream looking for a mouth, Error tear through the five tracks on this e.p. pissing on the dying embers of what we have come to accept as hardcore today. If punk is change then Error is the future. This is the sound of man and machine but they do not live in harmony - infact one wonders whether Error is working with their equipment or fighting against it.
In a time where the Empire strikes first and Clay Aitken can sell 700,000 in a week our discontent will not go unnoticed. Error turns these frustrations into sound.
NIN with 2min. songs = error
by The iJon April 20, 2005

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