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an italian plague that requires a strand of hair from the source of the plague to make one dose of the vaccine. otherwise this is a deadly plague. the plague thinks its a shrub so be careful. its very deceiving. it can be found in very dirty places. symptoms include hair turning dark brown, loss in height, poor eyesight, hysteria, hallucinations, thinking you are a shrub, a weird obsession with drama and men named michael, diarrhea, and some weird issue with computers turning off at 10 o'clock. if you get "erica" see a doctor I REPEAT, see a doctor. if you dont seek medical help immediately, u will die. assassins will come and kill you.
Guy 1: Hey man i think i got a case of the erica...
Guy 2: I think your right your a girl now
(gets sniped in the head by an assassin)
by theanswerman147 October 09, 2011
10 33
The most beautiful queens to ever walk the face of this earth...women named erica are fierce by nature and generally quite sassy.
Example A:
"ooh look at that fierce ass bitch! who's that??"

"im pretty sure thats erica"

Example B:
"oohwee! i know her name...her name must be candy...cuz she looks so sweet!!!"

"nah...im pretty sure her names erica"
by Princess Erica March 06, 2007
3648 1554
The only one who can truly understand you and can empathize with you. She is the most kind and compassionate person you will ever meet. She is always worrying how everyone else will feel. She places everyone else first and is absolutely not egotistical at all. When you are in her presence, you cannot help but feel attracted towards her. She possesses an aura that makes everything you do with her fun. She will love you until the end of time. She is the most unique person you will ever meet and also one of the most intricate. No matter how much you learn about her complexities, there is so much more to discover and this entices you more to try and comprehend the enigma that is Erica.
I wish I could be with Erica for every second of my entire life. She is like no other.
by Teddyfinnish March 29, 2009
2333 627
The most fascinating girl you will EVER meet with a divine figure and eyes that will lose you when you gaze into them. Quite a magnificent person with a personality that anybody would like.
Guy1:Dude whats that girls name?
Guy2:It's Erica! isn't she fucking awesome!!??
by yesm@n November 01, 2009
1812 853
The most drop dead gorgeous girl to ever step into your presence. She has all the friends and men grovel when she stands before them. Everyone will always envy her and everyone strives to be her friend. People will always love erica.
I wish I was Erica.
by Heath Ledger's Women November 28, 2009
1453 676
A person who is smart, funny, and beautiful. Erica is very freindly and gets along with ANYONE. It's amazing!!! She can always make a person smile, even when they're in the darkest of moods. I would not be complete without my Erica. She puts the sun in my sunshine, and puts butterflies in my belly when she speaks. Erica is the most amazing girl I've EVER met and if you don't ever have the chance of meeting her... SUCKS FOR YOU!!! Because ur missing out on the greatest person on the face of the earth... or any other planet for that matter.
Chirstine loves her Erica!
Erica loves her Christine!
by juggalette_love October 26, 2008
1121 488
A wonderful person, full stop. Very fashionable and modest, not to mention kind and funny. Also very smart, people named Erica generally enjoy being around mounds of books. But beware, the Erica will have a strong desire to organize and categorize any pile of book in disarray. The name hails from a genus of beautiful flowers and any person with this name surely personifies the magnificent beauty of these plants. When someone does something kind, it is generally known as an "Erica."
She pulled an Erica and brought me flowers while I was in the hospital after having my knee removed. What a thoughtful lady.
by adelleks February 03, 2010
899 397
Erica is hott, you know, sexy, a bingy, bonger, yeah bitch, jealous much? me ish thought so, ho ho ho! you ho. yeah suck it
"SUCK ME BUNGHOLE" says erica
by chingalinglinglingling December 23, 2007
2558 2140