The most beautiful, smart, awesome, athletic, trustworth, honest, and did I mention hottest girl ever. Definitly not a ho or a skank.
John "Who is that girl, she is hot."

Matt " Duhh you fucking idiot, that is Erica."
by The Hitmen February 12, 2010
A girl who is named Erica is hilarious, awesome, epic. Won't take shit from anybody and says what comes to mind!
Example: what's that girls name who is cracking everyone up!
Erica, duh!
by Dinosaurus13 June 01, 2013
There is so much I could say about this woman. She is gorgeous and always honest about herself. You could easily fall in love with her personality let alone her. She loves to talk, and honestly you cant help but love to listen. You will find her very interesting and will make every emotion feel alive. When it comes down to being a mother, she is the definition of it. She has opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of life. She reminds me of the favorite country song you cant help but sing along to. Most likely she'll make you smile for hours, without even trying. She'll leave you wanting more and she'll want nothing more but for you to stick by her side, only if you're worth it. She has a big heart, so If you ever meet this specific Erica... treat her like a princess because shes very unique and only a moron would think differently. <3
Sweetheart, Erica, Adorable, I want you, Gorgeous, Hilarious
by ScottD.65478 September 05, 2013
A girls name. Erica's are the most gorgeous people to ever walk this earth. They have the perfect boobs, butt, and body & make great models. They are fashionable and have the most amazing, long hair. Also Erica's have the most dreamy eyes you could get lost in.
They are the most swaggariffic, gangstatiffic, fergalicious, people on this planet. Boys drool over Erica's and girls wish they WERE Erica's. These girls are constantly smiling and laughing even in the toughest of times. This quality tends to make them even more friends. Erica's always have the most amazing friends, with the exception of the two bitchy ones who talk behind their backs. Erica's make amazing girlfriends and wifes do to their commitment towards love. They are typically interested in older, hot guys. Erica's are soooo beautiful, they are almost always out of everyone's league. These girls are definitely not ones to let go of once you catch them.

Example A:

Boy 1: "Dayyyuuumm, look at that girl is she a model?"

Boy 2: "She must be an Erica.But don't get your hopes up she is waaay out of your league."
by SxvyyyMofo January 22, 2014
1. has the best laugh: beats everyone elses
2. the comunity bakery
3. Slipknot obsessor
4. namer of elfish jobs (ex: queen, king...)
5. Best friends with a rock and a kenny
6. eats quacks.... all the time
7. loves hot men with long hair and green eyes
1. hey that girl erica, has a great erica
2. everyone wants to do that Erica
3. she cant get over one band, that Erica
4. At the mall that Erica dubbed her friend as the elfish princess
5. that Erica is best friends with amber and some other dude :-P
6. that girl, Ericas so much, that the ASPCA removed her ducks
by the elfish king November 15, 2006
A female who is very helpful and strong; caring about others and great at listening and giving advice; extremely understanding, compassionate, intelligent, and comforting to be around; making a great friend and having an incredible sense of humor.
Person 1: I just wish I had someone to talk to. No one understands what I'm going through.

Person 2: Talk to Erica! She's a great listener and I'll bet she'll give you some awesome advice, too!
by Cupcake21 August 28, 2014
The best friend you could ever have. She is nice, genourous, and beautiful. She will put up with all your crap for a very long time. Don't ever lose an Erica friend because if you do you will regret it forever.
I <3 my BFF Erica!!
by bbygurrlswag May 01, 2011
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