An awesome, crazy, outgoing, fun, pretty, and LOUD person! An Erica loves sports and is very funny. And she is the biggest blonde you will ever meet! But shes a great friend
Whose that crazy girl?

Oh, thats an Erica
by mwkdiahdysjelsoooslle October 18, 2010
Someone who is not easliy forgotten. A beautiful soul. That Erica, she's one of a kind.
by legs35 February 12, 2013
The most funniest person you will ever meet. Erica is a loving woman and takes people for who they really are. Erica's are really nice & out going, Erica's do not like when people fuck around with her. Erica's are very weird and have cute laughs.

Erica's are reliable and you can trust Erica with your life. Erica's make amazing friends. Erica's also love to make people smile :)

Erica loves to do crazy things with her friends & love attention. Erica is shy at first when meeting new friends but when she gets comfortable around new friends..... WATCH OUT!
Jake : "did you see Erica today?"

Tanner : "yeah, Erica is so nice, she did my homework for me and gave me great advice"

Jake : "wow cool!"
by yoyo gurl. March 29, 2013
the most wonderful person you will ever meet in your life, without a doubt. She's modest, kind, generous, emphatic, and beautiful. Erica's usually have the prettiest blue eyes, that hypnotize anyone who gazes into them. She is hard to read at first but that's just because she's naturally shy, but once you break her shell she is wild and outgoing at heart. Erica's crave adventure, travel, exotic places, and you can always rely on Erica's to have a book with them at all times because they adore reading! Erica's are usually short and have long hair not always but most of the time, if you are lucky enough to meet an Erica in your life you better hold on to her tight and never let her go, because you are blessed my friend.
Whoa...who is that?

That's erica.

Holy shit...get me some of that!

I've never see such beautiful eyes!
Her name must be erica.
by Someguynamedtim August 31, 2013
Erica is an awesome girl that makes everything she touches glow. Someone to talk with for hours on end about life. You lose track of time when your with her and have to be careful and not get lost in those amazingly beautiful eyes. Just hearing her laugh will make your day and her voice will make your heart miss a beat. T huh is girl has a taste for things of more cultral qualities, and always has a project going of some sorts. She has such a big heart for those around her and makes it a point to give everyone the smile that matches the one she is always seen to be with. Erica has a love for life and takes everyday as an adventure. I have seen many a girl but this ones a keeper
Who's that girl? She is always smiling.

Oh thats Erica lol she can't help it (:
by joshusee February 18, 2015
A wonderful person, full stop. Very fashionable and modest, not to mention kind and funny. Also very smart, people named Erica generally enjoy being around mounds of books. But beware, the Erica will have a strong desire to organize and categorize any pile of book in disarray. The name hails from a genus of beautiful flowers and any person with this name surely personifies the magnificent beauty of these plants. When someone does something kind, it is generally known as an "Erica."
She pulled an Erica and brought me flowers while I was in the hospital after having my knee removed. What a thoughtful lady.
by adelleks February 03, 2010
Erica is prity but more than that she is unique. she allways has great hair.She is different and makes everyone laugh. She is not afraid to to speak her mind. She is a lovable person that talks to everyone and has fun. She has a little bit of a bad rocker side to her but its hot. She cares alot for her friends and loves to party.
I love you Erica forever.BURGERS ROCK!!!
by Pinacoladas January 18, 2010

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