The most Gorgouse person inside and out! THE best friend anyone could EVER ask for! Amazing Prayer Warrior and Counselor ;) Will be an AMAZING Mother & Wife! People may hate on her and put her down but thats just cause there intimadated about what she is and what she is going to be! The man in her life ADORES her and would kill for her,along with her best friends!
See that AHMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL girl over there?..yeah well THATS my Best Friend Erica!...Be jealous!
by Sadie~* February 03, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the world, she is smart and funny. Her personality is so amazing. she is given guys hearts left and right. Erica is a hard catch (depending on who you are) but once you have her your life is amazing. she can make you feel different. she makes you feel things you never felt before. she is the one girl your heart will never give up. she is the one girl that you can not let go off, no matter what happens she will be the one you will always love. You will never forget her and you will alway hope she is yours. She i also an amazing best friend and you would be glad to have her as one, no matter what she just is amazing.
jake: dude you see that girl

Mark- thats no girl.. thats erica

jake: woah

Mark- she is amazing
by pooper22 November 25, 2012
A wonderful person, full stop. Very fashionable and modest, not to mention kind and funny. Also very smart, people named Erica generally enjoy being around mounds of books. But beware, the Erica will have a strong desire to organize and categorize any pile of book in disarray. The name hails from a genus of beautiful flowers and any person with this name surely personifies the magnificent beauty of these plants. When someone does something kind, it is generally known as an "Erica."
She pulled an Erica and brought me flowers while I was in the hospital after having my knee removed. What a thoughtful lady.
by adelleks February 03, 2010
A girl with a devine figure. She has an amazing face and body. Normally fierce yet sweet at times. Wonderful friend that learns quickly from her mistakes. Is nervous around crushes and tries to act cool.
"Damn, she's a fierce ass bitch,"

"Yup, that's Erica for you."
by ThePokester April 26, 2013
erica means a beautiful girl, nice to everyone who is nice to her, very honest sometimes not in a good way, very funny! and sometimes doesnt let people in her life go, an erica cherishes every moment in her life and loves sports, she is a very well rounded person
Wow did you see that girl? shes so nice

i know shes such an erica
by sportschick17 February 20, 2010
Women named Erica are very independent. Also very friendly, humorous, attractive, and polite. An Erica will make a good friend. Will make an even better sister.
I love you, you're such an awesome Erica.
by Lady1741 February 04, 2010
the best thing to ever happen to this world.
to be perfect
to be beautiful
amazingly awesome
damn your looking good...almost as good as an erica
by kirstie_08 January 15, 2009

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