A douchey guy who wears sweaters and plays hockey very poorly.
"Eric is such a douche"
by THE FOX814 February 09, 2010
A retarded person with the smallest penis in the multi-verse. He is usually known to be asian.
Ex. My name is Eric and this is very true.
by Ratface212 May 15, 2010
ily to death
you mean everything to me
he makes me laugh
he makes me cry
he make me feel important
ily eric
eric your my everything
by erics girlie August 27, 2008
The worst person in the world
I hate Eric.
by PERSONQ January 25, 2013
A goofy pigeon toed mother fucker. That is tall, has a large but not a workable penis that only gets action from "bigger" woman. Eric also mean C.C. or in other words a Chubby Chaser! Don't trust him with woman, EVER! Oh, and did i mention that he is a pigeon toed mother fucker.
by Eric weirdo February 24, 2010
A person who likes to play mario all day long, and deny that he actually plays it. He's addicted to fighting and is violent. See assinine.
"Hey did you see that guy thats really cheesy?"

"Oh, yeah thats eric."
by jessicahowboutthemapples January 23, 2010
the name of a person that has an alien shaped head and loves e.t, as well as sucking bananas and is also a sissy and dosen't care about other's people's feelings whatsoever and is a momma's boy.
Hobby- he jilts people, trys to be funny but fails.
eric loves to chase fat people around the park.
by nanny mcpheeeeee April 18, 2009

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