A person who likes to play mario all day long, and deny that he actually plays it. He's addicted to fighting and is violent. See assinine.
"Hey did you see that guy thats really cheesy?"

"Oh, yeah thats eric."
by jessicahowboutthemapples January 23, 2010
the name of a person that has an alien shaped head and loves e.t, as well as sucking bananas and is also a sissy and dosen't care about other's people's feelings whatsoever and is a momma's boy.
Hobby- he jilts people, trys to be funny but fails.
eric loves to chase fat people around the park.
by nanny mcpheeeeee April 18, 2009
a pale kid who sits inside and plays fallout 3 all day. he has anger issues, and refers to everything as gay or amazing. Hates almost everything that most people like, sometimes known as adolf. he will do almost anything for peeps marshmellows. he hates obama, bodywash, and four stroke motorcycles most.
eric is such a douche, all he wants to do is play videogames.
by fagstickMcdouchebag July 06, 2009
1. The lame version of the name Erik. Commonly picked when the parents wanted their kid to be a conformist, not a bold, strong, handsome, and sexy leader.

2. The German and French failed attempt at having their spawn be as awsome as Scandinavians.

3. A pussy.
1. Eric gets picked on by Erik.

The three Erics I know are boring.

Erik is hotter than Eric.

2. Eric surrendered to Erik.

3. That dude is such an Eric.
by wowdudeman February 03, 2010
A fat lard who sits around making racist comments all day...commonly hated
That fag over there is such an eric!
by FATIEMCFATERSON August 16, 2009
An old Highland Cow that likes to smoke weed when it is out on the pasture, munching on delicious hay. YUM.
My best friend is an Eric. When I am around him, my brain gets woozy and I develop and sudden craving for hay.
by Sven Schligenmuehler August 31, 2008
A type of genital warts that can spread to your upper lip.
Damn these Eric s itch like a mother fucker
by remalaiaa March 14, 2009

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