adorable ginger who loves to play field hockey. tends to gravitate towards BRIGHTLY coloured clothing and vintage stores. also tends to like sexy dancer chicks
"Man, that's something Eric would wear."

"Duude, that girl is totally Eric's type"
by FriendofMonkeys March 16, 2010
A man known as nothing but beautiful whose eyes' blue color resembles the oceans. His eyes are only near matched by the majestic sound of his voice.
Wow! Eric has nice eyes!
by TheWaveWatcher June 28, 2011
He's the kind of guy that tries his best at things, sarcastic, absent-minded, and dense. Kind to everybody even people who probably don't deserve it. His wonderful eyes are very beautiful. A light hazel and very tall, a gentle giant and a troll at the same time. He jokes at inappropriate times, says the wrong things to people, but is always honest to people. No matter the situation, would rather be brutally honest then lie. A nerd, who spends his time playing Bioshock, and Resident Evil. Resembles a twig, but is a food-addict. The kind of guy you would want to be best friends with. Dense with feelings although, will not understand things unless properly explained. Stupid in common sense ways, a genius in book smarts. Too innocent to make moves on girls while also being a pervert at the same time. He's the most confusing, infuriating being anybody has ever met. But that's what we love about him.
Eric is soooooo sarcastic.

Why can't Eric ever gain any weight? He's a twig!

Sometimes, he's just so dense to feelings.
by TheGirlWhoWrites February 18, 2013
Only the best guy in the whole wide world.
I love him wif all mah hertttt. He is my best friend and always will be. He is hilarious and makes people laugh ALL the time. Its EPIC!
I think we should get married.
LAWL! Kidding.
And he can make someone happy even when they are in the worst mood EVER.
Wow Eric, you really made me happy, when i was very upset. Your such a great friend. People are like WAY jealous! Haha
by Halsey May 05, 2008
The most amazing guy in the world. He's the type of guy that can be weird at times, and isn't afraid to tell you how he really feels about you(: He can make your heart skip a beat and has the most gorgeous features and will try to call you every night just to say goodnight<3 He's usually always happy but when someone messes with his girl shit goes down. I love you so much<333 Happy 19 months baby(: -Marissa.
Eric: I thought I'd just call you and tell you I love you soo much and without you I'd be lost<3
Me: Awwh I love you too and I don't know what I'd do without you either<3
by Marissa:DD June 18, 2011
an eric is a gorgeous guy. they're funny, sweet, caring, and loving (though they like to pretend otherwise). erics can be shy, but with playful flirtation a woman may draw an eric out of his shell. erics, sometimes, but don't always, have long hair, these are the best erics of all. erics are generally well hung men. women love themselves some eric. bitches be all about the E.
"yo dude! all the chicks be mackin' on that new guy!"
"the one with the long hair?"
"yea man! pssh guy must be an eric"
"yup, bitches be all about that E"
by white chocolate easter bunny December 23, 2012
A complete loser with no respect for himself who dates Raccoons and talks about how much action he doesn't get in TJ. He has been known to cry when intoxicated and Hangs out with two Fat Homies often in front of his house. Has been known to obsess with how he looks but is fuckin ugly and has a slight resembelance to a mexican shrek. He is the guy who looks at girls through a peephole and tells his friends to come and look.
Eric: "Hey you guys come look at this sexy Raccoon!"

Homie:"No Eric You fuckin' asshole!"
by Cypress H12 June 28, 2010
Trustworthy but almost has two sides. A sweet, sensitive, kind and compassionate person that looks hard on the outside but is a softy on the inside. Generally sweet, but be careful.
Eric looks big and scary, but really is a sweet sensitive and kind individual.
by CaliGirl07 December 25, 2011

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