The most ah-mazing guy you will ever meet. He's sweet, loveable, good looking, and has a great sense of humour. It's impossible not to fall for this guy.
Ashley Loves Eric<3
#love #eric #ashley #amzing #awesomeee
by AshleyLovesEricc<3 October 28, 2009
Usually a shy guy. But under all that shyness, he's got an amazing personality. He's sweet, funny, and makes you feel special. Always fun to talk to and knows how to make your day. His smile is to-die-for and you'll probably get lost in his eyes. Eric. Even the name is cute. If you've got an Eric in your life, he's a keeper, and totally not worth losing. He might have some flaws and makes mistakes, but he's still worth it all.
' Eric ' made my day. :)
#eric #unique #sweetheart #funny #amazing
by veearress January 16, 2013
The most amazing guy ever, with his sexy blue eyes and British accent. He's so charming and loveable to know him is to know greatness. He's kind and helpful but mess with those he cares about and he'll be your worst nightmare. I love him with all my heart and can't wait to be his wife. Forever and ever babe.
Eric is so wonderful and that Tori girl loves him.
#eric #tori #love #forever #erick
by MissTori December 09, 2013
When spoken by a heavily-accented asian Person, the sound of the name Alex or Eric.
Friend: Erics, can you help me?

Alex: Sure, what's up?

Friend: No! Erics!

Eric: What can I help you with?
#alex #eric #asian #mispronounce #azn
by ex-ndma-er January 23, 2008
He's the kind of guy that tries his best at things, sarcastic, absent-minded, and dense. Kind to everybody even people who probably don't deserve it. His wonderful eyes are very beautiful. A light hazel and very tall, a gentle giant and a troll at the same time. He jokes at inappropriate times, says the wrong things to people, but is always honest to people. No matter the situation, would rather be brutally honest then lie. A nerd, who spends his time playing Bioshock, and Resident Evil. Resembles a twig, but is a food-addict. The kind of guy you would want to be best friends with. Dense with feelings although, will not understand things unless properly explained. Stupid in common sense ways, a genius in book smarts. Too innocent to make moves on girls while also being a pervert at the same time. He's the most confusing, infuriating being anybody has ever met. But that's what we love about him.
Eric is soooooo sarcastic.

Why can't Eric ever gain any weight? He's a twig!

Sometimes, he's just so dense to feelings.
#eric #dense #sarcastic #nerd #jerk
by TheGirlWhoWrites February 18, 2013
Eric somone whos got a stuborn but friendly personality he can be the biggest a**hole but if you get to know him he can be the sweetest guy you could ever hope to meet in this world with a genuine personality he has a smile that will make you smile back at times he can get annoying but at the end of the day hes still one of your closest pals even if your having a awful day he finds the perfect way to cheer you up once again
#friend #smiling #fun #personality #awsome
by s@r@h(22 February 09, 2012
a legendary BAMF viking warrior who's tall buffed out body is crowned with hair of fire and filled with a heart of gold that is always there to give strength to his comrades in arms. He enjoys hurling large heavy objects long distances for fun and he is known for his skills at rocking out on the bass. He is impervious to anything the world attempts to throw at him. Though his only known weakness is the sun. but that isn't that big of a deal because of the great advances in sunblock technology. Upon meeting this legendary Eric if you are a woman you will automatically feel the urge to be with him and if you are a guy you will wish to be him. He is a bro of the highest quality. no homo.
"eric come over here i need you to help me move this large heavy object/reach something up high."
#awesome #legendary #viking #bro #eric
by big_fudge64 September 25, 2011
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