everything amazing thing someone could possible think of.

cute smart sexy funny hot.

when he smiles he has dimples and every time he comes into the same room as you, you instantly get butterflies. Good kisser ;)
Katie loves Eric Hernandez.
by Glustick August 21, 2011
A boy who is kind and sweet. He will put you first and always make you happy, charming, handsome, cute, has a great sense of humor, and will love you for eternity. He will make you feel beautiful, he will kiss and comfort you when your sad.
Person 1: Your boyfriend seems really nice and sweet
Person 2: Yes he is! He's the best!
Person 1: I wish my boyfriend was like yours.

Just find an "Eric"
by Finn the Waffle Man. May 04, 2013
Sexy, cute, sweet, funny, bad temper at times, cute smile, big teddy bear, chill, amazing person, romantic, stubborn, athletic, smart

He's perfect in every wayy :)
Eric, He's my everything and he is perfect
by shaniqua black hoe December 04, 2009
The most handsome, good looking boy. He is always smart, funny, brave, and sometimes sad. Without him, your life is a whole different story.
You're going out with Eric? He's sooooo hot!
by LenaNguyen101 December 05, 2013
A word for a person who
-Is awesome,
-Has long dick
The fainted when they saw an Eric.
by Fabio Fobbs January 19, 2012
The man I love with all my heart n will spend the rest of my life loving. He is my forever!
I love Eric like a fat kid love cake!
by forever Young's girl May 18, 2009
Typical asshole.
Oh. It's eric.
by Person you'll never know March 08, 2015

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