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to masturbate as a nazi. this term was created by the tv show "whitest kids you know", when the nazis rose to power again in the future and searched for jerks. the term "jerk off" was replaced by "hitler off".
nazi 1: hey hans, what are you going to do tonight?

nazi 2: im going to hitler off to some hardcore porn!

nazi 1: heil hitler!
by fagstickMcdouchebag July 10, 2009
a pale kid who sits inside and plays fallout 3 all day. he has anger issues, and refers to everything as gay or amazing. Hates almost everything that most people like, sometimes known as adolf. he will do almost anything for peeps marshmellows. he hates obama, bodywash, and four stroke motorcycles most.
eric is such a douche, all he wants to do is play videogames.
by fagstickMcdouchebag July 06, 2009

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