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To name drop semi-famous people that are considering getting a stalking order against you.
Hey, man, someone in the booking office for a small local venue gave me the phone number of (insert artist's name here) agent in part because I misrepresented myself and in part in order to get me to stop calling the venue and then after I left him several voicemails the agent advised me that they would consider having (insert artist's name here)play at a venue near me, if only I would stop calling his number because he doesn't want to have to change his number nor get a restraining order. Aren't I something?!

Dude, yeah, you're an erek!
by fga April 01, 2008
to incorporate song lyrics into one's conversation in a gratuitous and inane manner, even to the point of blasphemy.
The new album comes out tomorrow and I just hope Bonzo doesn't erek the hell out of it.
by Y.E. Kay April 30, 2007
another ILL MUFUCKA from tha A.P.A. crew. roll wit KROK, RiC.E, and j-RoK.

a.k.a. e-ReK, 1ll1t3r4t3
"u got one chance to step like a dance of death// i see thru ya image, like when i glance thru specs" - e-ReK

"i take lives, starin in the eyes of dyin men// in this talent pool i realize im leviathan//" - e-ReK
by 1ll1t3r4t3 May 02, 2005
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