Equal treatment of all races and colors (Good). Sometimes used as a front for calling someone a racist(bad).
1. Hey Xing-Hou lets go play golf (Good example of equal rights).
2. Jim: Hey bob, your not very good at soccer
Bob: YOU RACIST BASTARD (bad Example)!
by Michael/halfamitten/mpd November 09, 2005
Top Definition
A phrase corrupted by racist shitheaps to mean exactly the opposite of what it says.
Dumfuck1: Dude, lets get benefits based soley on our skin color and call it equal rights!

Dumfuck2: Hell yeah! That's way easier than actually taking responsibility for ourselves!
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
The rights that every single person has, and that some ignorant people choose to ignore
Jim: DaQuan! today LGBT marriage is legal in all states!
DaQuan: but all LGBT are faggots
Jim: what an asshole
Equal Rights are rights that are equal for everyone
by The Greatest Force Of Might July 06, 2015
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