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Maker of printers and copying machines.
Also used to describe someone who copies other people's ideas; a copying machine.
*sees kid with red new-brand hoodie*
Guy 1: I'm gonna get one too!
Guy 2: Dont be an epson bro.
by Im a nig nog May 15, 2013
The company that makes my printer, and it's OK, I guess
At least my EPSON printer breaks less then the crappy HP one I had last time.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 21, 2003
The name of my printer. Also, the name nospe spelled backwards.
"Hey, Epson- what's up?"

"You name backwards is 'nospe.'"
by douuuuuuuuud January 18, 2008
When you react to a joke or an event with uncontrollable laughter.
Hey, did you see Brian trip over the fence?
Yea, i had a epson.
by Manndrake March 14, 2009